Avast Shrewsbury Folk!

Shrewsbury Folk Festival Pirate

Shrewsbury Folk Festival August 28th-31st 2015

Jim Bones has set co-ordinates for The Shrewsbury Folk Festival this year. If you see him roaming the showground be sure to give him a friendly ‘Yarrrr!’ grab a photo with him, post it on facebook and tag him in!

Pirate Story Telling

This year, you can come and join in a pirate adventure with Jim Bones as he tells 3 different Pirate stories throughout the folk festival weekend.

The Peril of the Black Swift

Saturday 29th 4pm Children's Activity Tent

The Peril of the Black Swift

A wild midnight storm threatens to send us all to Davy Jones' locker. Can we survive the night? Will we save the Black Swift and her treasures? Join Captain Jim Bones' crew and help to save the ship. Haul the tri-sail! Square the cross beams! What an adventure!

Stealing Blackbeard's Treasure

Sunday 30th 2pm Children's Activity Tent

Stealing Blackbeard's Treasure

You'd have to be either brave or stupid to double cross a pirate. But to steal from the meanest pirate of all time would be total madness!
Relive the danger and excitement of attempting to swipe Blackbeard's treasure from under his very nose. Will we even escape with our lives?

The Curse of the Pirate King

Monday 31st 2pm Children's Craft Tent

The Curse of the Pirate King

Music, laughter, dancing and death in this roller coaster tale that begins with a Caribbean night of revelry in a Tortuga Tavern.
The strangest of pirate tales, a magical mysterious story that reveals Jim Bones' greatest secret.

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Captain Jim Bones - Pirate

Based in Shropshire, Jim Bones is a real pirate character that you can book for your school or event.
Jim also has a crew who form a musical band playing traditional tunes and shanties. Anyone for a Pirate Ceilidh?

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