Avast me scurvy puppies!

Pirates for Schools

A very long time ago, a ship mate and fellow pirate from Captain Jim Bones' crew turned bad. This mutinous cut-throat, who went by the name of Shifty McNair, stole no less than 109 of our good Captain's treasure chests and made off inland.
Bad old Shifty was caught by the Navy and shrugged off his mortal coils long ago, but the treasure remains hidden. From that day to this, the good Captain Jim Bones has wandered Great Britain searching for the treasure that is rightfully his.

Booty Found at Schools

Oddly enough, it turns out that each Treasure Chest had been buried at a different location, and so far each Chest that Jim has recovered had been buried at or near a Primary School.
So far children from many schools have helped Jim in his search including; Pontesbury CE Primary School, Trinity School Ford, Bicton CE Primary School, Teagues Bridge School Trench Telford, Ellesmere Primary School, St. Mary’s CE Primary School Shawbury and Coalbrookdale & Ironbridge CE Primary School Telford, Baschurch CE Primary School, Woodfield Infant School Shrewsbury.

Could There be Treasure Hidden at Your School?

There might just be treasure hidden at your school and an adventure waiting to be had! Send a message to Jim Bones and maybe you can strike a bargain – If you help the Captain search for his treasure, in return, he’ll teach you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about life as a Pirate!

Jim Bones has lots of experience working in schools. Pirates have proven to be a wonderfully inspiring theme for children and a visit from a real pirate really ignites their imagination.

Jim works well with KS1 and KS2 children and can cover many aspects of pirating from History to Navigation, Story-telling, Music and Dance. He brings along many props and even uses a special information website to accompany his visits.

Pirate in School Pirate in School
Pirate in School Pirate in School Pirate in School Pirate in School Pirate in School
Captain Jim Bones - Pirate

Based in Shropshire, Jim Bones is a real pirate character that you can book for your school or event.
Jim also has a crew who form a musical band playing traditional tunes and shanties. Anyone for a Pirate Ceilidh?

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