Hoist the colours!

Pirate Band

Jim Bones is well seasoned in traditional dances and loves to call a ceilidh or two. Accompanied by a pirate band of excellent folk musicians the Pirate band makes for a completely new and exciting twist on barn dances or ceilidhs. Dancing has never been so much fun! Arrrr!

Check out the Pirate Band website for more info: www.pirateband.co.uk

What's a Pirate Ceilidh like?

It's a great laugh! Take a peek at a snippet of what we do...

Live Pirate Band Photo Gallery
Captain Jim Bones - Pirate

Based in Shropshire, Jim Bones is a real pirate character that you can book for your school or event.
Jim also has a crew who form a musical band playing traditional tunes and shanties. Anyone for a Pirate Ceilidh?

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