Drink up me hearties Yo Ho!


Jim Bones is a friendly pirate who was cursed 300 years ago and still roams the land today.

He's always on the lookout for treasure or a good time. If you make him a good enough deal, he might just give you the pleasure of his company. Maybe he'll tell you a tale of Pirating, teach you how to navigate, or show you a pirate dance. He has his own pirate band who play traditional tunes and shanties too.

A superb and unforgettable character that is great to have around. Jim is available to hire for festivals, events and schools.

Captain Jim Bones - Pirate

Based in Shropshire, Jim Bones is a real pirate character that you can book for your school or event.
Jim also has a crew who form a musical band playing traditional tunes and shanties. Anyone for a Pirate Ceilidh?

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