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Need a spectacle, a talking point or photo opportunity for your event? How about a roaming pirate?
Captain Bones loves to mingle with the crowds and somehow manages to get people tangled up in his mad plans!

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A band of Pirates who are also awesome musicians.
Playing a wide range of traditional tunes on Fiddle, Guitar, Flute, Accordion, Drums and even the Bagpipes.
Book them now for a Pirate Ceilidh.

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Everyone loves a pirate themed party. It's a great look, and loads of fun. Invite Jim Bones and his crew along and make it a night that you'll never forget!
Music fun dancing and games. A unique experience Arrrr!

Pirate Party!

in School

A real Pirate in your school?
Jim Bones get's along famously with children. He has lots of experience in schools and his visits are memorable and very inspirational. Fire up a terms worth of enthusiasm in one morning!

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Captain Jim Bones - Pirate

Based in Shropshire, Jim Bones is a real pirate character that you can book for your school or event.
Jim also has a crew who form a musical band playing traditional tunes and shanties. Anyone for a Pirate Ceilidh?

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